YAY! here’s another awesome feed back that we got to feel loved by a parent :)

Another awesome client felt really happy hiring our services for Facepainting and hairbraiding/styling for her birthday child’s partywe love it when we make them happy.. Gives us so much job satisfaction and encouragement for parties to come ! We thankyou for being a wonderful mum and an great client Joyce parents truly do thier best to make thier children’s childhood memorable in different ways !

Joyce whatsapped and inboxed us the below

Client Appreciatoin Client Appreciatoin 2

Mrs Joyce Ong engaged us for hair braiding and face painting services.She was so glad that the kids who came to the party enjoyed it so much and

her daughters party was a huge hit.She even went on to share pictures from her party with us to show us how much she appreciated it 🙂 We at Harishma Events are so happy for you and the children Mrs Joyce 🙂 We are glad to hear such encouraging and lovely feedbacks from parents always.It keeps us performing well 🙂

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