Tips to DIY your Kids Birthday Party Planning like a Pro!

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Hello Parents and Friends! Im going to share some pretty handy tips that is going to help you DIY your planning for your most awaited upcoming Birthday Party!

Party Planning for a Birthday party is like a huge task to do,but i will make it simple for you.First of all getting closer to the date itself is like half a road trip when we think about it ,right?

We have to decide the theme base on what children love currently ,decide on kids entertainment activities that is most appropriate for their age group event date..bla bla etc etc.Haha!

But let me tell you something,the Celebration doesn’t have to be elaborate always.Even if it is going to be a small party,every child and guest must feel special about being a part of your occasion. I often tell my clients that even a very small party requires party planning just like how a professional party planner would do it.Even if your doing it all by yourself,use the pro tips to make that one day a one to remember!!It needs organizing because the earlier we start with all the exciting ideas we have,the fewer things you will have to bother about on the actual party day itself!

I always encourage parents who are planning their kids birthday party to involve their child in the whole process. Ask your kid his or her favorites to pick the right theme and let him shop with you for the special day. Of course that means even enjoying baking the cake with you! This always adds excitement and a personnel touch feeling .

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Although it might save you a lot of time to do it yourself ,and you might do a better job without the child being around,you will actually be making your child enjoy this whole trip towards his or her happy birthday preparation and make it a magical one.

Pre-Party Timeline

Its important to decide which theme,start making your guest list, confirm if the maximum number of kids and guests are able to make it on that day.(Most Parents choose weekends) and make sure you reserve the location earlier !

Start making pretty invitations(buy or make)decide on the games,food,decoration,and kids birthday party entertainment services

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Article from catch my party

kids party

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Article from catch my party

Start making pretty invitations(buy or make)decide on the games,food,decoration,and kids birthday party entertainment services

Buy the arts and craft supplies and favors,make a time table or schedule to follow for the activity time slots, make samples of crafts that you are going to make the kids do for visuals.Start following up on your guests to remind them about the party and let them know to be present at the activity timings.Late commers will make sure they dont miss this part at least that way.

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Buy all the candilicious and yummilicious and ofcourse delicious foods the kids and guests will love .

Start by baking the best dream cake , decorate your venue or home and make sure you have stocked everything up .

The Guest List

guest list

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Remember your child’s best friend is definitely going to be there! When you plan on including classmates, think “all” –its not just a few boys and girls.It should be all to avoid the rest feeling hurt.

The answer is simple,as many kids as you want .However if you are planning a smaller party,then plan the activities according to whats most age appropriate.


Mail out the invitations ahead of the party if you are not planning on inviting all the classmates. In case your kids school permits distribution of invitations on the premises remember to invite all classmates to avoid hurt feelings .

Important party details you must include are :

  1. Date, location (with directions), drop-off and pick-up times, and R.S.V.P. information.
  2. Let them know if there is anything to bring, such as a swimsuit and towel for a pool party or dress up as some character for a theme party..
  3. if lunch or dinner is going to be there.
  4. Mention specific entertainment and time slots.
  5. Call parents and remind them a week before.

Enlisting Helpers:

You may be busy greeting your party guests or cutting the cake.Try to get a helper or baby sitter or older sibling to watch over the children for you.

Have It AT HOME:

If you are planning on having it at home, then keep in mind that your child knows where to find everything so you might have the kids running after him or her all over the place.So try to define the party area and boundaries to keep it less chaotic and close the unnecessary room doors. cover them with balloons and party streamers if required.

I personally like Condo Function rooms in Singapore.They are indoor and air conditioned.Kids do not sweat much and all is well.

However even Outdoors and Parks are awesome for non humid weather parties . Just make sure to have a back up location in case the rains start pouring suddenly.

  1. Suspend streamers or dangler pom pom decorations between trees or along a fence.
  2. Spread colorful or themed color sheets or blankets on the ground.
  3. Mark the party’s boundaries with balloons.
  4. Drape theme color fabric attractively over the fence as they make fabulous party decorations too.


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  1. You may have very little time to decorate a rented space,or party venue so plan ahead in getting helpers or friends for setting up your decorative party props banners and streamers.Or to even blow up all the balloons.Get a balloon pump if possible as it makes your life easier.
  2. Have all the balloons already blown up and strung together in bunches before you arrive at the site.
  3. Hang decorations with supplies that won’t mar the walls, such as low-tack tape, string, and removable self-adhesive hooks.
  4. Make a large party venue friendly to use: Use streamers to define the party area.
  5. You can also fill up the space with tons of beautiful balloons.You may also leave some on the floor for the kids to play with.


Time it well.I always say this..Keep in mind when children feel their best.
neither too sleepy nor too hungry. After nap time works well for toddlers; lunchtime is good for preschoolers. As kids grow older, timing becomes a less important factor.


I know you do not want to spend a lot on party hosting,or entertain for long duration .Keep it according to the age group. Toddlers and preschoolers do best with parties kept to an hour and a half. Anywhere from two to three hours is time enough for school-age kids.


Baking and decorating your child’s birthday cake (or cupcakes) is worth the effort.

here are some simple DIY food Ideas .

  1. Cut sandwiches into adorable shapes using shaped cookie cutters (remember to cut crusts off ); You can also use a knife to cut them up into pieces like a puzzle.
  2. Serve snacks in creative plates. For a themed party, kids will get a kick out of being served punch from something cute.
  3. With children you can make anything into an activity,even food at lunch. You can make eyes nose and mouth like designs on muffins and pizzas. Show them how to make faces with sliced-olive eyes, a pepperoni nose, and bell-pepper mouth.

Party planner for kids

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Trinkets and candy are popular and inexpensive favors. Choose something suitable for toddlers and something different for older kids.

  1. Match the goodies to the theme: example a figure for a character party, or flowerpot and seeds for a garden party.
  2. Let kids make their own interesting party favors for activities.
  3. Decorate with items that guests can take with them when the party is done, such as posters or pennants for a baseball party.
  4. Arrange with the entertainer to use props or supplies — individual face-painting goodies give away or magic tricks, for instance — that kids can then take home with them.
  5. Goodie bags can also contain cute stationary and things useful to children customized in the party theme with a cute thank you note for the birthday child.And best of all ,attach a balloon as a give away with every goodie bag that they can take home.

What to Do

Pacing is important. Allot about 30 minutes for an entertainer (or kids may lose interest), and 15 minutes each for lunch, cake, and opening gifts,getting entertained etc. Keep all the kids engaged at the same time by choosing an activity like game or arts and craft workshop.To keep the party moving, jot down the schedule on an index card, and then refer to it frequently.

  1. As kids arrive, you might usher them to a crafts table, where they can busy themselves until more guests arrive.
  2. Keep games and activities simple for toddlers: Stick to games they know well or activities without complicated rules (such as dancing or tag).
  3. Older kids need more stimulation: plan sports or organized activities based on what your child loves to do, or consider booking an entertainer.

Party Singapore,Gather references from other parents as well as places of children’s interest . When you call a potential entertainer, ask what age group the show is designed for before you mention your child’s age. While Face painters can engage kids and adults, Mascots are great for clicking pictures with and photo booth is amazing to capture your guests wearing funny props and posing.And why not ,the instant photo print service can be a great souvenir too.Caricaturists can also comic draw your guests and crack up your entire party with their humorous imaginations. Kids magic and kids parties are also a great idea to keep everyone amazed.While Balloon artists can twist any shapes of Cartoon balloon sculpture the children want to take home.

Hairstylists or manicurists are also great to help your guests look all glamorous for themed parties.


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party planner

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The famous party games are Simon , Musical Chairs ,passing the parcel,Feed the dinosaur, Pin the Tail on the Donkey etc.


At “go,” the first child in each of two teams balances a hard-boiled egg on a spoon, walks about five feet to a marker, returns, and passes the egg and spoon to the next in line. The first team to finish with an uncracked shell wins.



Kids follow the first clue (“Go to the TV”) to find the next clue (“Look inside the mailbox”), and so on, until the last clue reveals the treasure: goodie bags. For non readers, draw or photograph the clues (such as the refrigerator or car).


Two shopping bags of clothes contain a skirt, shirt, hat, gloves, and jewelry. The first kid in each team puts on every item (fastening all the buttons), then takes them off and returns them to the bag. Then it’s the next child’s turn. The first team to finish wins.

Thats a question we have always wondered about our birthday gifts ! Ha vent we? There are pros and cons of both! However opening it after the party would make it less chaotic as you can snap a picture of your child opening the gift and send it to his or her friend with a thank you note .If you chose to open it at the party,its fun too to watch everyone excited about whats next but be prepared for some mess.

art design

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birthday party planner

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A Sweet Good-Bye from the birthday Child

Have the birthday child personally say thank-you and good-bye to each guest at the door, and hand them a favor bag as they leave.

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Mr Bean Caricature

Mr Bean Caricature

Mr Bean has been a childhood favorite of mine always! He is truly an inspiration for me as a Caricature Artist.  His epic funny expression inspired me to draw a caricature of him! I wanted to make a caricature sample and  my obvious favorite choice to sketch a person for a sample was mr bean !Caricatures are all about funny faces anyway! I hardly had to exaggerate him as he is usually animated by himself! I think i drew him smiling all the way 🙂

Coming to think about him,the only person who could release stress from school homework was possibly him! Gosh, I couldn’t wait to return home and watch his show everyday .  A childish buffoon who i always used to see wearing his  trademark tweed jacket and a skinny red tie. Mr. Bean’s comical acts and attempts cracked me up and i completely loved his mischievousness. The humor in all his disaster encounters were something to watch out for in every new episode.He was certainly a  great inspiration for Actors  Comedians and one and all (always will be too!)




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Party planning my greatest life choice !

Party planning my greatest life choice !

I graduated with a distinction in design and there was just soo much I learnt from the course and all the years of self learning from childhood interest in arts I had . Having studied in renowned art schools like Nanyang academy of fine arts ,Singapore and Raffles College of Design and commerce, affiliated to Sydney , prepared me to become a business owner of an event planning company in Singapore and I wouldn’t think that anything else could feel so satisfying and rewarding . If there was one profession that did justice to all the artistic and design knowledge I gained , it was party and event planning . From costume design to decorations to performing as a Facepainting /caricature/henna artist to being an art instructor at art and craft workshops for team building events , evening planning gave me the perfect opportunity to do it all ! I could put all my ideas together and do everything I would love doing as a hobby and yet let it be my mainstream profession too ! Haha 🙂

I am so proud of what I’m doing today and the fact that clients love the attention that I give to the fine details of my events to customize it and make it so unique and special gives me so much contentment . I wake up thinking about how exciting party planning is going to be for my upcoming event and go to bed feeling accomplished when I get appreciation for all the works I do . I must say I have been extremely blessed and lucky to have chosen this profession and love it like my little own baby . It’s so precious and dear to me ! I am so thankful to my mother , who encouraged me in every phase and let me be a free bird and trust in me . Although I lost her 3 years ago , she lives through my passion today and continues being my strength . In fact even when I met my boyfriend (now husband) when she was alive , there was just one question she asked me .. And that was if he was going to be supportive of my career choices? She was so happy to know that he loved me so much that he helped so much in my work too and took a lot of weight off my shoulder in many ways ! Sometimes it’s so important to make life choices and have yourself surrounded with all the positivity you need . I can’t thank my sister enough , and rest of the family and friends, and all my mentors through the schooling years too for being encouraging always . It really has meant a lot to me !They have been the biggest confidence boosters in my life !

I constantly train myself even today , to get better and better and Keep trying to be the best in what I love doing and the journey is still on !! Loving this ride in life and choose to be on no other 🙂

Perhaps if I were to summarize everything in a few words , it’s this picture that says it all .

Event designer at

Party planning my greatest life choice !

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memorable birthday party

Memorable birthday party

A truly smashing fun and memorable birthday party.


These Gorgeous little kids had a smashing fun birthday event last Saturday . We had some fun games like mummy wrap , egg and spoon race and scavenger hunt . The kids took the game challenge to a whole new level of excitement while playing . Though they came from different age categories , every child did his or her best in a very competitive spirit at the birthday party of their friend Tanvi .

The best part of the whole games entertainment was the kids themselves making the best out of our hosting .

We are so glad we could plan a hassle free party for this parent too like we have been doing for years . All we want is to make parents sit back and relax watching thier kids have all the fun and celebration they want to at the party floor of their friends birthday .

Our highly experienced and skilled team is always ready to manage and plan every children’s party with ease !

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Face Painting at kids parties is so much fun


Face Painting at kids parties is so much fun

Face painting children and party planning for them has not just been our passion but also a very lovely experience every single time . It’s amazing to transform the faces of these cute little kids and see how excited they get about wearing their favorite make up looks .

It felt so lovely that after doing this job , I got a huge hug from the birthday child herself ! It truly was a very touching moment to see how affectionate kids and and how they love us for the little happiness we bring to them ! They shower us with so much affection in their own sweet way . Face painting at kids party is so much fun for one and all . Even the parents loved seeing how creative their kids could get when they make requests to become characters like the sea princess , rainbow butterfly, Disney princess belle , and customize tiaras in their favorite colors !
Visit regularly to keep track of our exciting party updates or just call us at +65 98939145 . We will love suggesting what will be the best party planning entertainment choices for your need ! Customization has always been our forte after all 🙂

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Party Planner

Face Painting

Facepainting is such a fun way to dress up for all those little boys and girls ! Little munchkins are so adorable getting them done too !!
We make your children’s imagination and fantasies come true if you are planning your child’s birthday bash and looking for some real good quality entertainers , you are certainly at the right place. 

Visit regularly to keep track of our exciting party updates or just call us at +65 98939145 . We will love suggesting what will be the best party planning entertainment choices for your need ! Customization has always been our forte after all

We are the best party planners in town!



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 Our super cool party for summer 99 onlyFACE PAINTING IDEAS

Our super cool party for summer 99 only

In this roundup, i am showcasing some inspiration face painting ideas example that it may help you to find new creative ideas for face painting. Decorating your face or makeup for inspiration purpose is not easy like simple makeup, you need find out more ideas or use your inspiration ideas to do it.
The professional paint is a funny idea for the days of face painting to life. For example, are beautiful and include engineering design for the faces of men and women and children is so cute and so beautiful. Today my collection for face painting ideas for inspiration, it is example of face makeup that you can even try. As a professional artist, you should learn more about the style to make your own technique. Please find the paintings inspired by the idea here
1. Lady Makeup
lady makeup
2. Cool Face Painting
Cool Face Painting
3. Butterfly Face Painting
Butterfly Face Painting
4. Funtastical Faces
Funtastical Faces
5. Half Skull face painting BY *MAIKO13
face painting ideas 2012 05
7. Painting your fury BY ~ZEPAULO
face painting ideas 2012 06
8. Face Painting BY ~PALELOVE
face painting ideas 2012 07
9. face painting. BY ~ANDRADAA
face painting ideas 2012 08
10. Celestial Face and Body Art BY ~PAINTONYOURFACE
face painting ideas 2012 10
11. Swirly Face Paint
face painting ideas 31
12. Face painting
face painting ideas 32
13. A striking portrait
godess face painting
14. Fantasy Face Art
Fantasy Face Art
15. Halloween Face Painting
Halloween Face Painting
16. Tribe Brilliant Eyes
Tribe Brilliant Eyes
17. Half face_face painting
Half face_face painting
18. Tiger
tigress face painting
19. Tigress
Tigress face paint
20. Wolfe Face Art
Wolfe Face Art
21. Two Face Batman
Two Face Batman
22. Joker Full Face
Joker Full Face
23. Dragon
Dragon face painting
24. Night Owl
12 the flying face painting
25. Fevered Fuzz
13 bunny face painting
26. Stay strong Japan!
15 red face painting
27. Aka Oni
16 demons face painting
28. Fun with Pookie
26 maskara face painting
29. Why So Serious
6 joker face painting
30. Leia B.
face painting ideas 20
31. Metal Face Painting
face painting ideas 35
32. You Love Will Be Carried Away

face painting ideas 22
33. Face painting pemmi
face painting ideas 23

34. Music Style

face painting ideas 24
35. Foot in Mouth
face painting ideas 25

36. Cool Girl Painted Face
29 wonderful face painting
37. David Hasselhoff
5 oceanic face painting
38. Peacock
14 bird face painting
39. Bright Butterfly
40 fun face paint
40. Hand To Mouth
32 colorful face painting
41. Face Painting Dragon
36 puzzled face painting
42. Absinthe
38 scary face paint
43. Green Man
44 frown face paint
44. demon Face
10 concert face painting
45. Elf Face Painting
11 expressive face painting
46. Harvey ‘Two Face’ Dent
face painting ideas 36

47. Face of the dead
face painting ideas 37

48. Tiger Face Painting
face painting ideas 38

49. Snow White face painting
face painting ideas 39

50. Fantasy Cool Face Art
face painting ideas 401
 Our super cool party for summer 99 only

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By Paul Caridad March 12, 2015 23 Comments
To continually cure your eyeball boredom, we keep tabs on the best creative work on the Internet. As a Column Five publication, we celebrate all things visual—art, data, design, infographics, photography, motion graphics, interactives, etc.—and the people who create them. But much of what we discover and share comes from us galavanting around the Web, checking out other great blogs. In addition to the great artists and work they feature, we realize those blogs are worthy of praise, too. So we thought we’d share some of our favorites.

Here are the top 50 art blogs we love to follow, ranked according to their number of Facebook likes. (We’re data nerds, what can we say?) Allow this list to lead you on an incredible digital journey through archives of awesomeness. And if you have a go-to art blog that did not make our list, please comment below. We hope you enjoy.

Spoon and Tamago

50. Spoon & Tamago: Japanese art, design, and culture.

49. Unurth: Street art.

48. 50 Watts: Book-related design and illustration.

47. HouHouHaHa: The art of sharing.

46. We And The Color: A blog about creative inspiration in art, graphic design, illustration, photography, architecture, fashion, product, interior, video, and motion design.

45. Golem13: Art, geek, and creativity.

44. Koikoikoi: The web magazine for creative people. Inspiration and fresh content about art, illustration, photography, tattoo, graphic design, video, and more.

43. 123 Inspiration: A magazine about creative art, design, and visual culture.

42. La Boite Verte: Photography, design, technology, videos, artists, and other unusual things.

41. The Fox Is Black: A culture blog showcasing matters of design and design that matters.

Empty Kingdom

40. Empty Kingdom: A group of artists, writers, filmmakers, musicians, designers, and thinkers busy overturning all the rules and trying to make the world a better place.

39. Where Cool Things Happen: Cool Inspiration on travel, art, lifestyle and more.

38. Design Faves: The world’s absolute best design and visual culture under one roof.

37. The City Loves You Urban: Independent media dedicated to contemporary culture, art, design, fashion, film, music, and celebration.

36. Synaptic Stimuli: Art as a transmission of consciousness.

35. Illusion Magazine: Features amazing creations in art, design, and film.

34. Creative Applications: Reporting innovation and cataloging projects, tools, and platforms at the intersection of art, media, and technology.

33. Artist A Day: ArtistADay (AAD) aims to raise awareness for fine art globally, through establishing personal connections between top emerging professional artists and people who love art.

32. But Does It Float: An ongoing visual conversation between Folkert Gorter, Atley G. Kasky, and Will Schofield taking place inside a browser window.

31. Design Collector: Art, design, illustration, photography, music, motion and visual Overdose.


30. Core 77: Design news, resources, and inspiration.

29. Ufunk: Art, gadgets, design, and other amazing stuff.

28. Inspire First: Sharing design inspiration with the world.

27. Beautiful Decay: A daily art and design blog featuring groundbreaking work from around the world.

26. Arrested Motion: An online magazine providing exclusive worldwide coverage of the low brow, urban, and contemporary art scene on the daily.

25. Neatorama: Neatorama covers a wide range of topics, including technology, science, art, and the weird and wonderful things we found on the Web.

24. Etapes: All things design and visual culture.

23. Journal du Design: The design journal covers the latest trends.

22. Yatzer: A global online destination for fine and applied arts, delivering inspiration and crème de la crème media coverage.

21. Feel Desain: Fresh insight into the emerging design scene, presenting all variations of design, art, graphic design, photography, advertising, fashion, video, illustration, packaging, architecture, viral marketing, street art, and guerrilla marketing.

The Jealous Curator

20. The Jealous Curator: A curator who is inspired (and just a tad jealous) of amazing contemporary art.

19. Trend Land:
An online magazine covering trends in fashion, art, design, photography, and more.

18. It’s Nice That: Championing creativity across the art and design world.

17. Cool Hunting: A daily update on ideas and products in the intersection of art, design, culture, and technology.

16. Street Art News: Featuring pictures of things painted on walls since 2009.

15. Abduzeedo: A collection of visual inspiration and useful tutorials.

14. iGNANT: An interdisciplinary Berlin-based blog featuring creatives in the fields of art, design, photography, and architecture.

13. BOOOOOOOM!: An art and photography blog with a soft spot for hand-made work by unknown people.

12. Nowness: A video channel premiering the best in arts and culture.

11. Lost At E Minor: An online publication of inspiring art, photography, music, and more.


10. 22 Words: A blend of everything, from the serious and creative to the silly and absurd.

9. My Modern Metropolis: Where art enthusiasts and trendspotters connect over creative ideas.

8. Laughing Squid: A daily dose of unique art, culture, and technology from around the world.

7. TwistedSifter: Content to educate, entertain, and inspire.

6. Domus: A visual destination for infinite imagination.

5. Fubiz: Your daily dose of inspiration for art, creativity, design, and pop culture.

4. Colossal: An art, design, and visual culture blog.

3. Design Milk: A website dedicated to modern art and design.

2. The Creators Project: A global network dedicated to the celebration of creativity, arts, and technology.

Bored Panda

1. Bored Panda: The only magazine for pandas (who are interested in art, design, photography, and more).

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Kids Party Planner

We offer best Party Planner services at affordable prices.

Our services include and are not limited to.

1. Face Painting

2. Caricature

3. Decoration

4. Magic shows

5. And many more……..

Little TigerBirthday party ideas


Big kids can always go trick-or-treating, to a costume Kids Party Planner or to a haunted house on Halloween, but the little kids really have no where to dress-up and go in their cute costumes. This past year my friend and I decided to throw a little Halloween Kids Party Planner for our 2-year old boys.

EveryBody Paintingone knowsParty Planner 

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