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You will love this party entertainment because we are known as the top most and highly skilled face-painting company in Singapore for this service!

If you are looking for the best face painter in Singapore,  you are certainly at the right place for a fantastic engagement.  Face paint services for children and adults has always been the most popular part of our party planning  experience through the years. Everyone who has got our face-painter at their party say  that we truly create magic with our fingers!

It’s really feels amazing for every person to transform their faces into what ever they want. Whether they are enthusiastic or shy ,we make sure they get excited to sport their favorite makeup looks at your event. Everyone gets a fun way to dress up so effortlessly at the party even if they come unprepared. They look  great in pictures and take back wonderful memories from your event . As the years go by and everyone looks back at fun times, this one is sure to bring a big happy smile on every face. Even little munchkins are so adorable getting paintings customized with their imaginary requests. Some get creative tattoo style body paintings, crowns, necklace, back & arm painting done.

As Arm painting and Face painting in Singapore are so popular , we make sure to have unique designs like rainbow unicorn , butterfly’s , girls favourite princess’s, boys favourite superheroes ,dinosaurs, dragons, cartoons , characters ,  tattoo designs and fresh creative concepts always updated at our fingertips .

Every age group can  choose to have something special customized for them . Do you have a theme in mind? We will love hearing from you or even suggesting great ideas .  Customization has always been our forte. If you don’t want a face or body painting, hand tattoos are amazing options.It amazing to see every party guest look gorgeous and our face painting and arm painting making that a big super success! .

We use paints that are professional water-based and vibrant . They special non-toxic, skin Safe, child friendly approved by FDA. We only use high quality brand such as Tag, Diamond FX and Snazroo. They are easy to remove with water or wet tissue.

What’s more?

Get all styled and spooked up with UV neon glow in the dark face and body painting or even special effects 3D make up for themed parties ,performances, corporate dinner and dance and many more occasions. You may also alternate our body art with glitter tattoo if you wish your tattoo to last up to 3-5 days. They are colorful and sparkly. Amazing assortment of designs are given to choose from for one and all. Our dedicated team aim to spread smiles through unique art.  Our Facepainting and Body Painting skills  will surely leave your guests craving for more and more!

  • Suggested Duration :KIDS PARTY
    Less than 15 kids – 1 hour by 1 artist
    15 – 20 kids – 1.5 hours by 1 artist
    20 – 25 kids – 2 hours by 1 artist
    25 – 35 kids – 1.5 hours by 2 artists
    35 – 45 kids – 2 hours by 2 artists
    Elaborate face paint – 8 to 12 pax per hour
    Simple face paint – 13 to 20 pax per hour
Do you want to learn this art and attend facepaint lessons? We also conduct classes for Face Painting in Singapore. Learn this super art from us.

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