• Caricature Drawing for Kids

Do you want a Funny Cartoon version drawn for yourself, family, kids and friends? Caricature art is a picture drawn with self-description involving humor and wit, ludicrously exaggerating the peculiarities of natural features and imaginary things about your guests. This gives a humorous touch to the event. We can turn them into a princess, superhero, cartoon or movie character or anything they like to become through our drawings. They are popular today, and you have surely seen them in magazines, newspapers to poke fun at film stars, politicians and celebrities. So, if you are wondering what it looks like to have a fun one drawn for yourself then, this is a super service for you!

Caricature in Singapore is one of the most enjoyed entertainments of all time  . Our motto is to create impressive  yet funny art to add  laughter and joy . This is a always memorable souviner for your guests .We can also do Portrait caricature for gifting and display, which you can order ahead of the date. At events and parties we do quick and fun party sketches with exaggeration or in realistic portrait styles in A4 papers. You may get these in color or black and white or even customize them on a different surface. Bags, T-shirts, Key chains, Mugs are a few creative options. Feel free to ask us to do it in an extra special way. Prices are very reasonable and varies accordingly. Please call to enquire.

Make your event a huge success and a completely unforgettable one. Use our caricature service at wedding party, public events, corporate functions and private get together.

What’s more? We also conduct classes for Caricature. Learn this art from us.

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