Art Packages – Mix and Match with entertainment
$15 per additional pax
Wood Painting$350/15 Pax
Canvas Painting (Customised design for themed parties)$350/15 Pax
Canvas Painting (Plain)$300/15 Pax
Decorative Painting$350/15 Pax
Crown Making (Girls/Princess themed parties) $350/15 Pax
Pitcher/Pot Painting $350/15 Pax
Jewellery making $300/15 Pax
Mosaic Art $350/15 Pax
Mask Painting $300/15 Pax
Apron Decoration (For cooking theme party) $300/15 Pax
Sundae Making (Edible art for cooking theme party) $375/15 Pax
Box Painting $300/15 Pax
T-shirt Painting $400/15 Pax
Fabric Painting $300/15 Pax
Glass Painting $350/15 Pax
Model Painting $350/15 Pax
Key Chain Making/Painting $300/15 Pax
Photo Frame Painting $300/15 Pax
Mirror Decoration $300/15 Pax
Pen Stand Painting $300/15 Pax
Sand Art $300/15 Pax
Scratch Art $300/15 Pax
Acrylic Painting $350/15 Pax
Toddler Art and Craft $250/15 Pax
Coffee Painting $300/15 Pax
Stone Painting $350/15 Pax
Comic/Cartoon Drawing/Painting$250/15 Pax
Manga Drawing $250/15 Pax
Miniature Painting $350/15 Pax
Finger Printing $300/15 Pax

Add on’s : Any of the following activities for $125/hr each only (Regular price upto $180/hr).

Face, Arm and Body Painting
UV Glow in dark
Balloon sculpting
Caricature/Cartoon Drawing
Portrait Drawing
Name Art Calligraphy
Glitter Tattoo
Henna Tattoo
Hair Highlighting and Braiding

Add Magic show for $300/30 min


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